Nolan and Zoe litter

Sherick's and M&M Bloodhounds announce a special litter born on January 1, 2007. Two girls, four boys, all of them black and tan.




CH Sherick’s Dakota Wild Pitch CGC

CHIC Dog, OFA Hips good, Elbows, Cardiac normal
black and tan




CH Sherick’s Dakota Honey of a Chance

OFA hips good, cardiac and thyroid normal
liver and tan


For any information regarding puppies from this litter please contact Molly Nye, M&M Bloodhounds, (704) 849-7920, All applications submitted online go directly to Molly Nye.

Group at 2 weeks Group at 2 weeks
Litter at 2 weeks.

Red male 2 weeks Red male
Red boy at 2 weeks.

Blue male
Blue boy at 2 weeks.

Yellow male
Yellow boy at 2 weeks.

Pink female Pink female
Pink girl at 2 weeks.

Purple female
Purple girl at 2 weeks.

4.5 wks Group
Litter at 4½ weeks. Weights from 10.8 to 11.5 pounds.

4.5 weeks 4.5 weeks
Casual at 4½ weeks.

Pink girl
Pink girl at 4½ weeks.

Purple Male
Purple boy at 4½ weeks.

The boys at 4.5 weeks
Blue, red, yellow, and purple boys at 4½ weeks.

blu and red males The girls
Left: Blue and red boys at 4½ weeks. Right: Purple and pink girls at 4½ weeks.

Blue Male Blue Male
Blue boy at 4½ weeks.

Purple Male Purple Male
Purple boy at 4½ weeks.

Red Male Red Male
Red boy at 4½ weeks.

Yellow Male
Yellow boy at 4½ weeks.

Pink Female Pink Female
Pink girl at 4½ weeks.

Purple Female Purple Female
Purple girl at 4½ weeks.

Red and Blue Boys
Red boy in rear, blue boy in front at 8 weeks.

Pink Girl and Notch Pink Girl and Notch
Pink girl and Notch. Pink at 8 weeks.

group and notch Checking out Notch
Checking out Notch.

Purple Boy and Pink Girl
Purple boy and pink girl at 8 weeks.

Group Playing
Blue boy, purple girl, red boy, pink girl and purple boy at 8 weeks.

blue boy Blue boy
Blue boy Blue boy
Blue boy at 8 weeks.

Purple boy Purple boy Purple boy
Purple boy at 8 weeks.

Red boy Red boy
Red boy Red Boy
Red boy at 8 weeks.

Yellow boy Yellow boy Yellow Boy
Yellow boy at 8 weeks.

Pink Girl Pink girl Pink girl
Pink Girl Pink Girl
Pink girl at 8 weeks.

Purple girl Purple girl Purple Girl
Purple girl Purple boy
Purple girl at 8 weeks.

If you are interested in any of our puppies or older dogs please contact Sherry at (785) 453-2406 or and/or fill a puppy application online or print and return it to us.