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Shericks M&M It’s All About Me

child parents pedigree
Shericks M&M It’s All About Me (Merit) CH Patriot's Salutes Nimrod Chic OFA (Shotgun)
CH Shiloh’s Once In a Blue Moon (Zoomer)

born May 2, 2006, black and tan
owner and handler Terri Heck, Summit Search and Rescue

Merit  Merit

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Merit with children
Bella Vista visit with admiring children in 2010.
Earlier in the week Merit worked a great job with a armed robbery and she also found a local woman before harm was done.

Trailing with Merit

told by handler Terri Heck

We had a search Easter evening 2010 for a four year old child. Merit indicated a short walk through the woods and neighbors’ backyards and then a vehicle pick up point and a clear direction of travel for about two-tenths of a mile. Along the way a neighbor said they had seen an unsub in the area — matched the description of the boy’s father. Child located at father’s apartment — parental abduction — trail confirmed.

We had trained the day before with a trail layed by a 10 year old who was picked up by a vehicle near a pond — light traffic. Merit had continued on the vehicle trail to where the child was dropped off — trail then went through field and thick woods and then out to a main road — moderate traffic where he was picked up again. She had indicated end of trail. The road that she took south from the residence was similar moderate traffic. So glad that the training was so timely!

April 2010 — an exceptional trail

Merit and maybe somewhat of this not so young handler.
A brief synopsis told by handler Terri Heck.

Auto accident. Car on roof, flattened. Driver and passenger fled on foot. Passenger apprehended approximated a half mile away laying in thicket.

First I had to impersonate an auto mechanic as I layed on the road on my back to be able to have access to the air bag and steering wheel as I prepared a scent article.

Trail was picked up on the road, crossing a major creek (bridge thankfully) and into a field. Working across the briar laden field she came to a thicket area (I was then informed that this was where the passenger was apprehended. She continued into increasingly thick thicket. At this point this handler had to belly crawl (police department estimated at least 50 yards). Scuff marks were observed in several areas. Note: fenced in GSD’s were running a fence line next to us barking — ignored by Merit. Barbed wire tried to take us down as well.

Merit then had a strong alert on the fence wanting to get to the other side. Fence was bent down a bit. After we were assured the dogs could not get to that area we lifted her over the fence. The trail continued through an area of storage sheds, abandoned buildings, and such, and out to the road about three-quarters of a mile north of where the accident occurred. Trail ended at that point. After several casts she jumped up on me. Strong trail for an hour!

Walking back on the road — back tracking was clearly not a plan — but walked to see if anything else was noticed. Shortly after ending point, Merit on collar had a strong alert at the golf course. Across grass from road tire tracks were observed and scraped pavement — police department felt strong likelihood they had lost control at that point but were able to continue until lost control again at crash site.

Thirty minutes after returning home I was notified subject in custody — dog’s trail confirmed. Police department credits the dog with the quick direction of their investigation and subsequent apprehension.

Love this dog! —Terri