Sherick’s Itsa Belle of Fire

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Sherick’s Itsa Belle of Fire (Belle) Luke
CH Sherick’s Complete Surprize (Prize)

Tony Plott and Belle
photos by Marty Plott

Working Dog  Working Dog
Working Dog

Belle is a five year old bloodhound who made her first find on her very first call which was an intoxicated man that ran from a vehicle. She was one year old at the time. She has worked over 40 calls for nine different agencies. She has contributed evidence in the conviction of a murderer, two armed robbers, a prison escapee, a domestic violence suspect and several misdemeanants. Other trails have been verified by the suspects when interviewed later.

Her oldest trail has been five days and her freshest trail, 20 minutes. The longest trail was five miles. Her worst injury has been a barbwire cut while chasing a prison escapee (eight stitches). Her most memorable trail to date (March 2001) was September of 2000 on a missing 90 year old woman. Officers had searched for four hours with no success. Belle found the woman in about 20 minutes laying by a fence in the knee-high weeds. At the time I was totally unaware that the traffic airplane circling overhead was following the trail and broadcasting it on the FM radio stations.

Belle is one of the few bloodhounds I’ve met that can trail off lead if necessary and can be trusted to return or sit upon command. Her temperament is extremely docile until the scent command is given. It is then that she lives up to her name… Belle O’ Fire.

Belle has attended five trailing seminars. She is part of an elite group of ten bloodhounds that are on call for the FBI.

It has been my experience that Belle’s temperament and ability are typical of a Sherick’s bred dog. They have been quite easy to spot as I’ve attended various seminars… beautiful heads, coloring, conformation, and trailing machines.

water trail
Tony Plott

water trail
Coming back downstream after a water trail.

end of trail
After a hard day’s work.

belle and family  Belle and Tony