CH Sherick’s Dakota Agatha Christy & the Orient Express

child parents pedigree
CH Sherick’s Dakota Agatha Christy & the Orient Express (Aggie) Am Can CH Murphy’s Continental Drift (Fred)
BISS CH Sherick’s Redhot Cliché 4 M&M (Shae)

born July 31, 2009
owners Marv and Alice Schnepel, Slow Poke Kennels in DeWitt, Iowa; Cathy Brey, Dakota Kennels; Sherry Duling, Sherick’s Bloodhounds

Here’s to Aggie

Alice is my name. I work here at Eagle Point. I have a husband who answers to the name of Marv. Together we care for a beautiful bloodhound named Aggie — Sherick's Dakota Agatha Chrisitie & The Orient Express is how it reads on her driver’s license. We just call her Aggie. And to say that we own her is true only to the extent that we have a written document proclaiming legal ownership. Marv and I are both aware that a strong case could be made proving that she, in fact, owns us. At any rate, it’s an arrangement that’s mutually enjoyable. Family-type squabbles not withstanding.

Aggie and I first met a couple of years ago at a National Bloodhound Club event where bloodhound owners from all over the world come to meet. Marv and I were asked to Judges Escorts. I had been critiquing puppies thru the years… one of which we had bred and went on to become Number 1 Bloodhound Bitch in the United States, not to mention Number 2 of all Bloodhounds. So I had experience. But when I laid my eyes on Aggie, my jaw dropped and the free doughnut I had been enjoying plummeted to the ground only to be inhaled by a passing pup. Aggie was eight weeks old. Solid black with highlights of tan… unusual in the bloodhound world. She had ears touching the ground and big droopy eyes. Just like Marv. How could I not fall in love with her? She drove home with us that day, resting comfortably on the floor between my feet. Had I been driving, things might have taken an ugly turn, but as it turns out, it's been a wondrous two years.

She's been making visits to Eagle Point for a good chunk of that time. It’s truly heart-warming to the smiles that she brings to the residents’ faces. Of course, not everyone is a dog lover and Aggie seems to sense that and leaves them to their own. But if you should show the slightest interest at all… LOOK OUT! You've made yourself a paws-on, tongue-licking buddy.

Just recently Marv showed Aggie to her first Championship. And while no one could deny her the right to cop a slight attitude with her new-found royalty, she just remains Aggie. A dog with a lot of things on her plate, but I must say… the thing she seems to enjoy most are her frequent visits to Eagle Point. So then. Here's to hearty laughter and smiling faces. Forgotten troubles for a moment or two. These things brought about by a big-footed, long-eared, droopy-eyed beautiful beast. Here’s to Marv… uh, oh shoot. Here’s to Aggie!! Yeah. Long live the Queen.

Aggie in Waterloo
Aggie Best of Opposite Sex in Waterloo.

Aggie's championship
Aggie winning her championship.

ten months old
Aggie ten months old with Marv Schnepel and breeder Sherry Duling.

ten months old mo
Aggie at the 2010 Regional Bloodhound Specialty Show.

seven months old
Aggie age seven months consoling her Mommy who was sick.

five months old
Aggie at five months of age.

three months od
Aggie at three months of age.

two and a half month old
Aggie at 2½ months.

two and a half month old
Aggie at 2½ months asking Tabby who is going to be BOSS.