CH Sherick’s Return to Abbey

child parents pedigree
CH Sherick’s Return to Abbey (Abbey) Am Can CH Sherick’s Tobias Heartland’s Pride (Toby)
CH Sherick’s Ruby Jane


Abbey at 7 years
Abbey at seven years of age.
Now ten years young!

Abbey and Santa
Abbey with Santa at four months

Dick, Abbey, and Sherry
Abbey, Dick, and Sherry, April 12, 2013
Abbey 10½ years old

Dick and Abbey
Our goodbye picture.
She buried her head gently into Dick‘s shoulder as if she was saying goodbye.
She knew she would be leaving us soon.

Our Goodbye to Abbey

August 7th, 1992 to April 14th 2003
Cherished time with her 10 years, 8 months, and 7 days.

Abbey was the matron, our protector, the ruler of the door and gate. No one entered without Abbey’s approval. Once she was convinced you were not intruding she freely permitted the visitor into HER home, but with a price to pay. Once inside, you must pet her as much as she demanded. The most important rule for the company was if she was on the couch and left to check something (nothing got by her), or get a drink, etc, you better not take her spot while she was gone. If so, she would sit by you with her back to you hanging her head. While Molly Nye was here one time visiting she sat down in the spot Abbey had occupied just moments before. Abbey climbed up on the couch and sat with her back to Molly with her head hanging. Molly asked, “Why is she sitting like that, what‘s wrong?“ I explained that she is pouting because you sat in HER place. Another time she was waiting for a bite of food while Dick and I ate in the living room. After several bites she was told no more. Next thing we knew she was sitting with her back to us instead of facing us, hanging her head. She could pout like no other.

I finished her championship quickly at about one year of age without much effort from me. She was a natural in the ring. Ten years later we took her to her first shows as a veteran in the ten years and over classes. Her first few steps in the ring her tail was half down, just looking and taking it all in. Then she looked up at me with a sparkle in her eyes, a spring in her step, and her tail held proud as if to say “I remember this Mom, lets go.” Go we did! We moved around that ring like she was a youngster, winning Grand Sweeps Winner, and best veteran at the South Central Specialty and then on to North Carolina to the Eastern and getting a Bloodhound of Merit over many beautiful specials, handled beautifully by Molly Nye, owner of two of Abbey’s wonderful offspring “Campbell” and “Willie.”

Abbey was a lady, a beauty with brains and strength. But not strong enough to beat the cancer that came upon her fast and ugly and stole her away from all of us. The memory of holding her in my hands at birth, and in my arms to the end will be with me forever. She will forever be missed by Dick and Sherry and the Sherick’s hounds… especially her best friend “EZ” who is 12, and we worry about him now and his grief.

She was lovingly put to rest and out of pain on April 14, 2003.

abbey sleeping
Abbey in her favorite place.

abbey alerting
Abbey alerts to someone at the door and gets down to make sure it’s all okay.

abbey pouting
Abbey pouting when she has to take second choice to our guest Molly upon her return to the couch.